Fashion journalist, Julia Robson is an associate lecturer in fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. She is a visiting lecturer of fashion journalism and media at Regents University and Conde Nast college of Fashion & Design. The former deputy fashion editor of The Daily Telegraph and fashion editor of The Sunday Mirror contributes to numerous publications internationally and is professionally recognized internationallly. Academic research interests include representations of fashion through text; how culture, time and zeitgeist impact on the professional wordsmith; how patterns of consumption – that’s shopping to you and me – including ethical consumption, now dictate what occurs within fashion. She is committed to greater diversity and inclusion within fashion and media and is currently studying for a Masters in Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication at CLTAD at UAL.


Lecturing Experience

Associate Lecturer, Fashion Journalism, London College of Fashion and London College of Communication (formerly LCP).
Teaching pupils across pre graduate journalism and media courses. Including EAL students. Private and state sector. BA Hons and MA.
2012 – present, teaching unit in ‘Investigative journalism’ and ‘Feature Treatments’ to BA Hons Fashion Journalism students at London College of fashion. 1-3rd year.
2013 – present. Setting course project and doing tutorial work with MA journalism students at Central Saint Martins.
2013 – present. Conde Nast college. Journalism and media teacher
2014 – present. Visiting Lecturer at Regents University.
2012 – present, involved in LCF and the education charity, Sir John Cass, on a magazine project mentoring students and women prisoners at HMP Send prison. Working one day a week in HMP Send, Woking, with prisoners. In role as editor of the magazine written by students, and prisoners for distribution solely within the prison. ‘The Beauty’s Inside’ was subsequently a winner of the Outreach award in The Times HE Awards, 2014.

2009-2013, London tutor/lecturer to visiting students from Fashion Institute of Technology, University of New York, teaching courses in British culture and media during summer vacations.
2011 – present day, lecturing Style Journalism as part of a Study Abroad programme to international students from Russia, Europe, US, Brazil and India.
2007 – wrote syllabi and taught Introduction To Fashion Media short course designed for 16-18 year olds for short course department at LCF.


“This should be a mandatory course. I have learned so much about both writing, the journalism industry and fashion.”

“This is one of the courses I learned The most in, I love how our classes were always filled with instructive and inspiring themes. I always learned something new at the classes and that’s a great feeling.”

“Julia Robson is an amazing teacher. She knows what she is talking about and you can listen to her and her amazing power points all day. It really makes you a great teacher when you can have a lesson, without making a student get bored, it was always something fun, interesting, exciting, inspiring and educative. Thank you.”

“The class was much better then I expected and have made me so full of joy.”

“This class made me realize that I want to work in the fashion magazine business.”

“I loved everything about this class. Julia is such a great tutor. She really helped me with my writing by giving me her honest thoughts. Also we covered great topics like covering fashion shows and other mediums of journalism.”

“I enjoyed the lectures in this class and Julia did a great job of covering all the aspects of fashion journalism. They also helped us to start writing more creatively. The feedback we received from our writing samples was also good.”

“It was a really great class. I learned a lot with the tutor, her way of teaching is really good and her personal examples are exceptional. It was an amazing experience. “

“This class was definitely one of my favorite. I feel like I truly learned something and I discovered a new passion for writing. I like how we got to see different aspect of fashion journalism. The teacher was great, and passionate about her subject!”

“I thought that the most interesting part of the class was when Julia talked about her interview with Elie Saab. It was very insightful and the tips were very helpful in conducting my own interview for the class.”

“I really enjoyed it, I thought that Julia was a great tutor. She’s full of tips to help future journalist succeed.”